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  • The Four Final Battle 3D
  •  罪恶之城2 Sin City A Dame to Kill For 3D
The Four Final Battle 3D
Emotionless has left Six Doors, as has Cold... >>
罪恶之城2 Sin City A Dame to Kill For 3D
Some of Sin City's most hard-boiled citizens... >>
银河护卫队 Guardians of the Galaxy 3D
A group of space criminals must work together... >>
黑色喜剧 Black Comedy
... >>
千与千寻 Spirited Away
In the middle of her family's move to the... >>
如果我留下 What If
A psychiatrist who can't help himself. 23.1GB  >>
米其林情缘 The Hundred Foot Journey
The Kadam family leaves India for France where... >>
The Giver 赐予者
In a seemingly perfect community, without war,... >>
四大名捕大结局 The Four Final Battle
Emotionless has left Six Doors, as has Cold... >>
敢死队3 The Expendables 3
Barney augments his team with new blood for a... >>
领养惊魂 Reclaim
A desperate American couple discovers all is... >>
如果我留下 If I Stay
Life changes in an instant for young Mia Hall... >>
银河护卫队 Guardians of the Galaxy
A group of space criminals must work together... >>
哆啦A梦:新·大雄的大魔境 (粤语) Doraemon the Movie Nobita in the New Haunts of Evil-Peko and the Five Explorers
Nobita finds a stray dog and brings him home,... >>
杜比全景声演示碟 Dolby Atmos Demonstration
Up to now, cinema sound designers have had to... >>
猩球崛起2:黎明之战 Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
Ten years after a pandemic disease, apes who... >>
少年时代 Boyhood
The life of a young man, Mason, from age 5 to... >>
塔米的旅行 Tammy
After losing her job and learning that her... >>
舞出我人生5 Step Up All In
All-stars from the previous Step Up... >>
泽西男孩 Jersey Boys
The story of four young men from the wrong... >>
不惧风暴 Into The Storm
Storm trackers, thrill-seekers, and everyday... >>
机械军团 Automata
Jacq Vaucan is an insurance agent of ROC... >>
分手100次 Break Up
The distance between two people in the world... >>
閨密 Girls
"Girls" is about three very different young... >>
宙斯之子:赫拉克勒斯 Hercules
Having endured his legendary twelve labors,... >>
警察遊戲 Lets Be Cops
Two struggling pals dress as police officers... >>
竊聽風雲3 Overheard 3
In the 1970s, the Hong Kong government enacted... >>
失戀急讓 Temporary Family
Lung (Nick Cheung), a hardworking property... >>
永遠的零 The Eternal Zero
A young man and his sister learn that the man... >>
殺王者 The Fatal Encounter
King Jeongjo (Hyun-Bin) attempts to protect... >>
白髮魔女傳之明日天國 The White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom
In the twilight of the Ming Dynasty, the... >>
五郎八卦棍 Eight Diagram Pole Fighter
The Yang family was the loyal strong-arm of... >>
蛇形刁手 Snake in the Eagle's Shadow
Jackie Chan is a boy who is used as a janitor... >>
笑拳怪招2 Superfighter 2
Jackie Chan is a youngster, living in a remote... >>
A計劃 Project A
Fighting against pirates in "old Hong Kong".... >>
人类清除计划2:无政府状态 The Purge Anarchy
Three groups of people are trying to survive... >>
心在彼处 Wish I Was Here
Aidan Bloom is a 35-year-old man who finds... >>
地狱为何恶劣 Why Don‘t You Play in Hell
A renegade film crew becomes embroiled with a... >>
Walking on Sunshine
Set to the music of popular hit songs from the... >>
The One I Love
Struggling with a marriage on the brink of... >>
The Prince
When his daughter is kidnapped, a retired... >>
When Dusty learns that his engine is damaged... >>
Life Of Crime
Two common criminals get more than they... >>
A shopkeeper takes God to court when his shop... >>
In a peaceful forest, the remains of a picnic... >>
Mrs.Browns Boys DMovie
A company tries to shut down Mrs Brown's... >>
Good People
Discovering a cache of cash in their dead... >>
How to Train Your Dragon 2
When Hiccup and Toothless discover an ice cave... >>
Grace of Monaco
Reviews: 34 user | 108 critic | 10 from... >>
Blu-ray Pure Audio 金光灿烂 徐小凤87演唱会
金光燦爛徐小鳳87演唱會升級版 Blu-Ray (High Fidelity Pure... >>

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